The Lodge
The Lodge
May 22, 2014

2013-2014 Comes to a close...

The 2013-2014 season has come to a close and it was sure a year full of uncertainties.
We thank all of our members and hunters for your patience this year as we didn't know which direction we would be going.  We are now on the other side and have been blessed with the ability to add some new hunting opportunities.  We have begun updating our website with all that information and brochures and letters are being mailed out. 
Again thank you! 
We'll see you in the field, always the best place...


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May 6, 2013

Mowing and Chopping

Today Ervin did some mowing before the burn grows up.  Opened up two
different areas that will be able to be hunted next year.
April 29, 2013

Control Burn

The end of April found us doing a control burn.  After a solid week of burning and controlling burn we are through for awhile!  Now back to the camp to do some mowing!
February 20, 2013

Pheasant Shoot

This year is flying by and it's hard to believe it is the middle of February already.
The February Pheasant shoot was a great day!  We couldn't have asked for better weather and a better group of shooters.   We are looking forward to the March 2 shoot now.   A couple more spots are available at the moment.
February 9, 2013


Kelsea, Justin, and friend Enrique
Kelsea, Justin, and friend Enrique
What a blessing it is to have grandchildren who have a love of shooting and hunting.
July 13, 2012

Vacation Time

We are just recently back from vacationing in Alaska where the weather was just wonderful!  What an amazing land Alaska is!  One of the highlights was our flight that took us up to land on a glacier to see Mt McKinley!  What a beautiful day it was - sunny and the mountain showed itself off!  Our God never ceases to amaze us with all He has created! 
But now we are back and jet lag is about gone! 
We have been working on getting the 2012-2013 information ready to send, website updated and g...

August 8, 2011

Summer Heat 2011

What a hot summer we are having!   Ervin, Sidney and our grandson, Justin, have been working at the dinner camp these last few weeks making some improvements. 
July brought about a real change in our family. My
sister, Carol Midgett, who has always been such a support and help to us passed away suddenly while in the hospital for some exploratory type surgery.  What a hole that has been left but we know our God is sufficient to carry us through these times.  
We pray all of our members an...
January 17, 2010

January Tower Shoot

What a day!  It rained and it rained, but the spirits were not dampened!   180 pheasants went home that day to fill freezers!    Those ladies fixed a great lunch
and the swamp cabbage was the first to warm everyone up.  What a great bunch
of shooters we had.  Thank you all for making what we do a blessing.
November 18, 2009

New Members

The days have just been great!  We have a number of new
members that are becoming a part of us and we welcome them!
We look forward to getting to know them and enjoying days in
the field together.
June 10, 2009

What's better than hunting!

There are a number of hunting preserves in Southwest Florida where
you can hunt.  If you have not hunted with us give us a call and schedule
a "walk on" day.  We believe you'll really enjoy your day.

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