Assumption of Risk and Release of Claim
I am aware that attempting to shoot, shooting, and being a spectator while others are shooting quail, dove, pheasant, turkey or hogs with a shotgun or rifle are hazardous activities, and that I am voluntarily participating in these activities with knowledge of the danger involved and hereby accept any and all risks of injury or death.  I understand that serious injury, hearing loss may result from being in the proximity of a discharging gun.  I understand that serious accidents occasionally occur and can cause serious or fatal injuries as a result of being shot or by other means.
Knowing the risk of participating in or observing quail, dove, pheasant, turkey or hog hunts, I hereby agree to assume all risks associated therewith to release and hold harmless Lightsey Family Ranch, Lee Lightsey, their agents, the landowners, and volunteers, who through negligence or carelessness might otherwise be liable to me, or to my heirs or assigns for damages while on the hunting grounds, while quail, dove, pheasant, turkey or hog hunting or related functions.  I hereby agree that I, my heirs and assigns will not make a claim of any kind against Lightsey Family Ranch, and /or any owners, land owners, employees, agents or volunteers for personal injury, death or property damages resulting from negligent or other acts howsoever caused by any owner, employee, guest, invitee, licensee, members, trespasser or agent.
I understand that the consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited before shooting and while shooting or hunting.
I hereby assume all risks and full responsibility for all food and/or alcohol consumed on the property and any and all actions that may be involved in while on or after leaving the Lightsey Family Ranch property.
I have carefully read the hunting policies and this release and fully understand its contents.  I am aware that this is a release of liability and that by signing this release I am giving up valuable legal rights in exchange for the privilege of participating in quail, dove, pheasant, turkey or hog hunting and other related activities on the premises.  I further agree that this release applies to my minor children participating in quail, dove, pheasant, turkey or hog hunts and other related activities on the premises.
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Hunting Policies
The following established hunting policies are intended to insure the safety of the hunter, Lightsey Family Ranch preserve guides and the hunting dogs.  Nothing is more important than our lives and adherence to these rules and good common sense should make the hunt more enjoyable.
No alcoholic beverages are allowed before or on the hunt.
Any hunter who shoots a Lightsey Family Ranch dog agrees to pay $3000 to Lightsey Family Ranch, Lee Lightsey, no matter the severity of the shot, fatal or not.
All state and federal rules and regulations apply.
All hunters must be fourteen (14) years of age.  An adult must accompany hunters 14 to 18.  All hunters born after June 1, 1975 must have completed the hunter safety course.
All firearms must be opened, unloaded and inspected prior to loading into vehicles.
Hunters may be required to demonstrate their gun knowledge and handling ability prior to the hunt.
No gun shall be loaded until the hunter is in the field.  Guns carried in the field must have barrels pointed away from fellow hunters and guides at all times.  Always honor first shot to hunter closest to the bird and in a safe position for a kill.
Safety orange must be worn in the field.
For safety reasons, only two (2) quail hunters are permitted to shoot in the field over the dogs.  All other shooters must remain with vehicles at all times, unless instructed by your guide(s). 
Pheasant Tower Shoot participants shoot from stations and rotate as instructed and follows the directions given before each shoot during the Safety Talk.
Do not shoot low flying bird(s), as there is a danger of hitting another hunter or hunting dog.  Dog handlers have the right to instruct you in how to handle your firearms in the field.
Allow the guides to handle hunting dogs at all times.  Do not take downed birds from the dogs unless advised to do so by the guide.
All guests must sign a disclaimer form releasing Lightsey Family Ranch, Lee Lightsey, and all its employees and landowners from any and all liabilities that may occur due to accident or injury while on the premises.
While on the property, all hunters and spectators will be under the control of the guide.  It is understood that if a hunter commits an act considered to be unsafe the guide may cancel the hunt.  Under no circumstances shall persons be entitled to, or Lightsey Family Ranch obligated to, refund all or any part of monies paid or owed to Lightsey Family Ranch, Lee Lightsey.

The undersigned has read, and understands and agrees to obey all of the above.

Revised August 31, 2019