Congratulations to Bob Stuck on the first Osceola harvested the first weekend of Spring Gobbler season 2018!  And thank you to his awesome guide, Danny Dutton!

Osceola Turkey Hunts

Three Day Hunt - $2,500 


Only available in Florida, this bird draws hunters from all over the country. This Beautiful turkey is a true prize, come enjoy a 3-day guided hunt, lodging,  and  meals all included. 

You will hunt from ground blinds and, if in physical shape, you may have to run the birds with your gun and guide.  You will want to wear camoflage clothing.  You will need a hunting license and a turkey stamp.  You can get licenses at a local Wal-mart or gun store or online at                

Some things you might want to bring: a thermo cell or non smelling mosquito spray, light jacket (nothing heavy here), and a cooler.  We will have drinks, water, snacks.

Limited to one (1) gobbler per hunter per day.  A shot fired is considered a kill.
Congratulations to John Shield on an awesome Osceola! 
The second successful hunt of 2018!
A 22 # bird with a 9.5 inch beard and 1.5 inch spurs.
Danny with a great 2 bearded Osceola!  This one kept him on his feet moving!
We are grateful to have a son-in-law who loves turkey hunting!
He is an awesome guide and you will enjoy your day with him should you come hunt with us.
Osceola Hens and their there anything prettier!