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The 2019-2020 season has arrived with changes in our lives and our business.  Ervin chose to retire in mid-June. 

Our first "worry" was for all those that have hunted with us these past 43 years.  A couple weeks after this decision was made we received a call from the Lightsey Family Ranch who wanted to pick up where we would leave off.  Ervin has been to their place and met with them several times and ridden their property.   As a result we have talked by phone and met with some of you.  I wish we could have done everyone but time and things that have happened that were out of control did not allow this.  It is our desire to help this family to develop a good quality quail hunting preserve.  Ervin will assist them as he can.  But it will be their business.  They will maintain this website for now.

Our quail hunting season runs from October 1 to April 20.  We are a Florida state licensed hunting preserve.

Quail Hunts and Pheasant Tower Releases will be enjoyed by many! 

Quail hunts will be from buggies built especially for hunting quail.  You can watch the dogs as they work while on the rig. Once on point you  move to a shooting position and the fun begins!

For more information on memberships and hunting with us you may call Lee Lightsey at 863-464-0268. 
Our family...updated in 2018
On the buggy our grandchildren...Preston, Hayden, Coen
Standing from left to right...
Jay and Janelle Chastain, Kristina and Brian Crosby with Kaylee in front of them,
Nancy and Ervin
Kelsea, Justin, Danny and Keri Dutton
Missing from this picture is Nancy's brother, Sidney Lowe, who is in the picture below.

In this family there is a passion for hunting!  Some more than others, but without them all we wouldn't be able to accomplish all we do.  We praise our Lord God for the blessings bestowed on our family!  And in the near future we will be adding a grandson-in-law!!...and he already is all in with all we  do!

Our Family...with the exception of our daughter and her family that live in Georgia. 
Sidney, Jay, Janelle, Ervin, Nancy, Danny, Keri, Justin
Hayden and Coen
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